Current Membership


Strawberry Hill Bowling Club aims to promote the sport of Bowls in general, provide encouragement and support to our members in particular, and provide recreation and enjoyment for all.

Our current membership stands at 67 people, made up of 20 women, 31 men and 16 social members.

Some recent digging into our slightly less current membership has revealed that Strawberry Hill produced several international lady bowlers in the past:

  • Mrs M. Damon represented England in 1938 and from 1947-8
  • Mrs M. Ashstead represented England from 1951-53
  • Mrs D. Green represented England from 1949-55 and again in 1957

Yes, all of these ladies sprang forth from the white hot crucible that is Strawberry Hill Bowling Club to both set jacks and draw their woods close to them for their country.